Thursday, February 3, 2011

Diet Day 4- If the Shoe Fits!

As most of you know I work full time from home for a software company where I do new user training and product testing. I love my job and love being able to work from home. My close friends and family know I'm also a board certified Pedorthist. I worked as a C.Ped in the shoe industry for over 10 years of my life.

What is a C.Ped you ask? Well I am training to help people with foot pain find proper shoes or make custom orthotics and help with other foot aliments. I though today I would use my old knowledge share my list of favorite shoes. Always go a get a professional to fit any athletic shoe. This will help with comfort and make them more wearable. Not all shoes are for all people.

Where to buy good shoes?
- Stan's Fit For your Feet-
- Endurance House-
- Foot Solutions stores-

Top 4 Athletic Shoes

-Brooks Ariel- For a wider foot great stability and
-Brooks Adrenaline- For a narrow foot great support-
-Saucony Hurricane- For a narrow foot-
-New Balance 1012- Great support for a wider foot-

Top 3 Toning Shoes
-MBT- They were first to engineer a shoe with toning properties. Soft heel great for heel pain.
-Chung Shi- Only sold by Foot Solution stores. More support and control than MBT. Great arch support you really feel your leg muscles after wearing. Really tones legs and butt.
-New Balance 1442- Have never worn but have heard good things.

Shoes to Stay Away from
-Sketchers Shapeups
-Any toning shoe from Payless
Don't waste your money. Both MBT and Chung Shi are approved by the US government and have had clinical trials and are able to backup claims. They may cost more but you will get your moneys worth out of them.

I hope this information is helpful to anyone looking for a good athletic shoe to start a training program. Feel free to post any questions you may have about shoes. I will try and help as best I can.

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