Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Diet Day 3- Let It Snow!

Happy to say I was able to stick to my plan again yesterday!  Hubs is also doing well on the plan but he chooses to eat most of his points at night, where I like to spread them out throughout the day. This is kind of hard on me when he has more night time snacks. We had fun last night making up some Mock-tails during the blizzard of 2011. We did burn a ton of calories today hand shoveling ourselves out of the driveway!  I hope the next snow day is a ways off!

Today's Plan

Breakfast-4PTs Sandwich

Lunch- 6PTs WW meal

3pm Snack 2 PTs

Dinner 6PTs

4 Free PTs

Recipe of the Day:  Mock Long Island Ice Tea 0 PTs

Mock-tail- I believe that it's not what you drink but the presentation in which the drink is present.  I like to put my Mock-tails in festive glasses that make what you’re drinking more fun!

 8 oz of lemon lime seltzer water
4 oz of Diet Snapple Peach Tea
1 oz diet coke
Add Ice and straw! 

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