Monday, January 31, 2011

Diet Day 1

It’s officially the start of my new Diet!  I'm so excited to start losing the LBS!  My plan for the first week is to be super tough and follow my plan.  I want my first week weigh in to reflect some real weight loss.  The first biggest change I am making is drinking more water and flush out my system. 

Day 1 Meals: 22 pts a day

Breakfast- Breakfast Sandwich- 4 Points
Lunch-  WW meal - 6pts
3pm Snack- 3/4 cup lucky charms 2pts
5:30 pm snack- Apple 0pts
Dinner Grilled Boneless Skinless Chicken breast- 5 pts Steamed vegetables Free
  Late Night Snack- Popcorn 1 point for 2 cups
4 free points 

Recipe of the Day: Meg's 4 Point Breakfast Sandwich

2 Slices WW bread 1pt, 1 slice fat free cheese 1pt, 2 slices deli ham 2 points.  I like to toast the bread and add yellow mustard. Microwave for 10 seconds to melt cheese. I find this very filling and helps to get me to lunch.   Look for bread where the calories are for 2 slices not 1!

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