Wednesday, January 26, 2011

30Lbs in 18 Weeks

                                                        My Before Pic BMI 27.45

Hello!  I have challenged myself to lose 30Lbs in 18 weeks.  This is a goal that I have been trying to achieve for 3 years.  I figure starting a blog to document my progress will be a great way to keep me on track.  The math seems easy.  30lbs in 18 weeks that's only 1.6lbs a week. No Problem Right?  Wrong!
Let me tell you about myself.

Problem #1.  I'm over 30 years old. 32 to be exact.  I have noticed once I crossed the 30 year old line my metabolism took a huge nose dive.

Problem  #2.  I work 100% from home.  I have no commute; I don't have to go outside unless I'm getting the mail.  I do have a dog but he hates to go on walks.  Most people get some form of exercise from walking to their car or just being out and about.  On most work day's I don’t leave the house.

Problem #3.  I live in the frozen tundra.  This time of year it is dark at 5pm and the temps have been in the teens or negative digits.  This limits my ability to go for walks.

Problem #4.  I do not have a gym membership or and exercise equipment at home. 

I know this seems like a list of excuses more than a list of problems.  I do take responsibility for the weight I am now and I know my bad habits are how I got here.  I am looking not only to lose 30Lbs in 18 week, but to also make some good habits that I can keep up with after my 18 week diet.  I do have a plan for the weight loss.

The Plan

1.  Follow Weight Watcher Points.  I will be using the Weight Watcher diet system and point allotments.  When I record on the blog what I eat I will include the WW points.

2. Keep this daily Blog to record what I eat and how I exercise.

3.  For workouts I will be doing daily work out videos on Time Warner Exercise on Demand.

4. Once the weather is above 40 degrees I will take daily walk/runs to increase calorie burn. 

5. No Fast Food for the first month.  This will be the hardest for me to follow. I have Hubby who loves: Burgers, Pizza and Tacos!

6. Limit Caffeine, Sodium,  and artificial sweeteners. This means no diet coke!!!!

My Plan will Start Monday January 31'st and go until May 30th.  I will weigh in Every Friday.  I will start with 24 WW points a day.  Please feel free to comment or join me on my journey.  If you know me in real life help me to remember my goal!!  30lbs in 18 Weeks!!!!  It can be Done!!!

My Goal

1.  To lose 30LBS in 18 weeks.
2.  To get BMI to 20.
3.  To wear a Bikini By July and to go on vacation in September the same weight I was on my Honeymoon.
4.  To feel more confident about myself and to be more healthy.

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