Friday, January 28, 2011

First Weigh In!

As everyone knows last week I was at Disneyland eating lot's of bad food!  Day 1 We ate at Rain Forest Cafe for lunch and Split the huge appetizer platter and a grilled chicken sandwich.  Day 2 we split a huge Nacho platter and Tacos.  Day three we ordered Pizza from Dominoes after a long day at the park.  Plus all the other Disney goodies like the pic above.

So I was a bit nervous to get on the scale today.  But too my surprise I had not gained any weight at all!! I guess all the walking back and forth to park from our hotel paid off!   I'm still starting my diet Monday, but I will be doing my weigh ins on Fridays.  I have started to stock up on my favorite LaCroix waters and will be shopping this weekend for diet friendly food. 

I will be enjoying my last pre-diet meal at the Mineshaft in Hartford.  That will be the last time I have my favorite FRIES in 18 weeks.  This diet will be hard work and take a lot of will power but I can see myself wear my cute skinny jeans and laying out at the beach in my bikini that I bought 3 years ago and have never worn.  In the end it will all be worth it!

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